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Where is your ceremony? More often than not there may be guidelines at your ceremony location on what type of musicians and music can be played.

➾For religious locations or a house of worship, your music selections may be restricted to pieces of religious nature (such as no secular songs or even simply hymns). At the very least, you may given certain guidelines as to what music is or is not allowed.

➾For hotels, resorts, country clubs, etc., they almost always have good acoustics in the areas where events are held. Be sure there is enough space for the instrument cases to be out of sight and space for music stands so your musicians can play! Check with the venue coordinator about any music restrictions.

➾For outdoor venues, there are a few more steps to bring in a string quartet, but it is definitely not impossible! Finding an area with level ground and decent weather protection is important for the musicians to be able to perform to the best of their ability. Consider asking the quartet to join in the rehearsal to make sure the sound will carry throughout the space nicely; the instruments are quite capable of being loud enough, but the surrounding space must be compatible for all the guests to hear the beautiful music. For more helpful information, read this previous blog post about having a string quartet be a part of your outdoor wedding or other special event!


Belle Arte loves to work with you to pick the right music for each location, and if we don’t have a piece or pieces, we will do everything we can to find it and play it perfectly for your wedding or other special event!

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