As string musicians, we have come to have a deep appreciation for holiday music.  Growing up, playing carols on our instruments happened every year because they are such old songs that the music is readily available and transferable to any key or skill level or ensemble.

For a young musician, holiday tunes can peak interest in the instrument, because the tune is familiar, so the song is more quickly learned.  Who wouldn’t like learning a song quickly?  That doesn’t mean less hard work, as the less familiar ones can be trickier, but the satisfaction of playing something you know and well is priceless.


So where does holiday music have a place at an event?  At a December wedding, holiday party, or any gathering around the holidays!

For a wedding, the older hymns fit so well with the pre-ceremony setting of reverence, and the jolly tunes that we all know so well are perfect for the buzz of cocktail hour.  For a holiday party, a blend of both tunes sets the mood of the season so well.

Rest assured, your musicians will know this music from deep within their soul.

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